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The sole mission for the company would be dedicated to offer services to  the Small Business Owners of South Africa at affordable prices. We have noticed for a very long time how Small Business Owners present their business with very poor branding or none at all and we are making it our mission to provide them with branding that makes their business more attractable, more approachable while becoming known to all.


While noticing these flaws in the Businesses and asking many Business Owners we found that the reason for not having adiquete branding would be mainly because of the high pricing of Business Branding. Now that APWA Solutions are in operation, our vision is to see all Businesses in South Africa to have good branding that represents the services or products they offer.


After putting our Branding Service in pracitce which included, Website Design, Business Email and Graphic Design for Company Logos, Business Cards, Letterhead, Invoice, Email Signature and more,  that was not enough for us. We have set a goal to offer all services which businesses would require like Technical Support, Business Consulting, Fininance Solutions and more.



The Purpose of APWA Solutions

What APWA Solutions Cares About

As we all know that the leaders of our future is the Youth of today. We would like to give the uneomployed Youth of South Africa the opportunity to be educated, trained and provided with jobs whether it be in house or remote working.


As we see on a daily basis the youth of today especially in the under privelages areas, spend most of their times walking the street, getting involved in many illegals acts and deduced that either due to finance or the lack of being guided our youth are being lost in the everything that destroys their lives, the lives of others and contributes to the continues cycle of under privelage remaining under privelage.


We now wish to see a birghter furture for all our youth of South Africa.