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Covid-19 Social Cause

We have provided a form below for us to get in contact with you by email. With the details provided we'll forward you a secure and easy donation button, a facility provided by Payfast. Enabled for all card payment methods. To show you our gratitude we'd like to make mention of you or your company's generosity on our site Proud Sponsors with your permission.

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As the Covid-19  pandemic hits South Africa it also brings about many challenges, especially for the small businesses and their employees due to the 21 day lockdown. The 21 day lockdown has forced majority of small business owners to close down leaving themselves an employees with no income, no food and possibly of total closure due to loss.


We are also one of such businesses affected by this crisis and seek any support from you to continue paying our staff. puting food on the table and continue what we do best assist all local business owners.

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We don't ask for millions, only the little that you can afford, for a lot of a little can go a long way. We have provided donation options for you to support us in our current struggle.

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