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Our main goal is to train, educate and provide jobs to the unemployed youth of South Africa which services will be to offer Small Business Owners in South Africa with the opportunity to have quality branding and business consulting at pricing that they can afford, as many small business owners are running with very poor branding and business strategies which impact them negatively and does not promote for growth.


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1. Our current work space is in a 7x2 wooden cabin with steel roofing which can get hot and crowded and many of our clients would like to visit our offices which at the moment is not suitable for clients visits. - We would like to extend our space, renovate and install an aircon or even just rent or purchase office space.


2. We are running data connection from our phones by means of wifi tethering hotspot and most times the network running from our phones are losing connection or is just extremely slow - We would like to purchase a network router and an affordable quality data package.


3. As the wooden cabin we work from is also a room which is lived in. The office furniture is generally sofa, room chairs, bean bags or even bed - We would like to purchase some chairs and desks to make for a more suitable work environment.


4. Most of our clients and remote employees would love for us to be meet at their office, homes or a close enough venue for them to travel however we currently not able to do so due to the lack of having a company vehicle - We wish to purchase a vehicle to meet up with our remote employees and clients, giving them a personal experience with us and not just dealing with them online.


5. For our remote employees we wish to increase our intake and would like to offer them with data packages and more tools to make their jobs convenient as currently they are doing so out of their own pocket. We also wish to expand our services with Technical IT Support and  a Business IT Store.


Thank you very much for taking the time to read through our campaign and wish you and your family the best of health, wealth and prosperity. 

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Our Main Requirement - Company Vehicle

As many of our clients would like us to meet up with them at their office, home or nearby location we're not able to fulfill this request to dicuss their business needs. We would love to get know our clients and remote employees to give them the best opportunity of what have to offer.

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